Eco-Friendly Landscaping in San Diego, CA

We understand the need to protect our environment which is why we have been practicing environmental conservation for the past 20 years. Here are some recommendations for an eco-friendly outdoor environment:

  1.  Use xeriscaping and/or native plants in your landscaping
  2.  Plant deciduous shade trees to reduce energy use
  3.  Replace your lawn with artificial turf
  4.  Use mulch in your flower beds and vegetable garden to reduce watering needs
  5.  Irrigate your potted plants and garden with the use of rain barrels
  6.  Install a drip system that delivers water straight to the soil
  7.  Take advantage of automatic irrigation systems and timers
  8.  Use solar lights for your landscaping accent needs

Priceless Services Inc. does their part in preserving our environment by using organic fertilizers and recycled materials wherever possible. We are educated in the use of state-of-the-art controllers, such as the smart controllers, the satellite base controllers and personal weather stations. We dispose of hazardous materials in the proper landfills and recycle green waste, wood, concrete and batteries. We constantly teach water management to our employees. We appreciate what nature has given us, and we work hard assisting and protecting her.